Heritage Council


The Heritage Council’s mission is to engage, educate and advocate to develop a wider understanding of the vital contribution that our heritage makes to our social, environmental and economic well-being.

Heritage Partners

The Heritage Council has a complex national brief which includes a diverse range of sectors. The Council is also ambitious in its desire to deliver constructive and lasting outcomes in a range of areas including education, research, conservation and tourism. In order to maximise the impact of its work and to build upon the expertise and resources of the organisation, the Heritage Council works with a diverse range of partners at all levels, including:

  • Local: Local Authorities, heritage officers, heritage fora, community groups;
  • Regional: regional assemblies and tourism boards;
  • National: Government Departments, semi-state agencies, cultural institutions, NGOs, professional bodies;
  • International: NGOs, European/ International bodies, EU Commisions.

We have established a number of satellite organisations which are critical in the delivery of a number of key initiatives.

We also provide the primary core-funding to the following organisations, whose work is closely aligned with the strategic aims of our own work programme.