Heritage Council


The Heritage Council’s mission is to engage, educate and advocate to develop a wider understanding of the vital contribution that our heritage makes to our social, environmental and economic well-being.

Logo & Branding

The Heritage Council's identity reflects its core values and highlights the essential connection between people and their heritage. Our heritage provides us with our sense of identity and place. It is a vital contributor to our economy and provides a spiritual and social storehouse that we draw on daily.

Our corporate identity is titled 'Inheritance' as it marks our unique identity and represents our genetic make-up. The movement and lines of the print are reminiscent of topographical lines on a map, the age lines of a tree, the spiral of nature’s natural form, the hairlines on animals, aged Celtic patterns, and the natural flow of water.

Heritage Council Logo Usage & Publication Styles

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Consultants are requested to read and adhere to the following style guidelines, drawn up for reports commissioned by the Heritage Council.
Download Standardisation of Publication Styles for Heritage Council Publications [PDF 53KB].