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Humans have occupied Ireland for the past 10,000 years, leaving us with a rich legacy of archaeological monuments and landscapes. We work to conserve this unique archaeological heritage.

A Review of Research needs in Irish Archaeology

A Review of Research Needs in Irish Archaeology

Following a request from the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, the Heritage Council completed a review of existing practice in 2006-07. The resulting policy publication argued for:

  • Increased public participation and enjoyment of Ireland’s archaeological heritage.
  • Ensuring that the highest standards of quality are consistently achieved by all forms of archaeological research in Ireland and that the results are disseminated to a wide audience.
  • A greater emphasis for appropriate development-related work to be undertaken within an agreed research framework.
  • The publication of results, a key requirement in the regulation of archaeological work.
  • Significant increase in the numbers of people across the profession with advanced qualifications in archaeology.

Download the publication here [PDF 1.3MB].