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Heritage Council Opens its Community Grant Scheme 2015

Heritage Council Staff with Heather Humprhreys, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and John-Paul Phelan, TD.

The Heritage Council intends to allocate the sum of €600,000 to its Community-based Heritage Grants Scheme in 2015. 

Minister Humphreys announced the funds for the grant scheme at her visit to The Heritage Council offices in January. Up to 100 projects nationwide expected to benefit.  It is expected the scheme will generate total investment of €1 million. 

Speaking at her visit Minister Humphreys said:

“I am very pleased to be announcing this new scheme today, which will provide funding for local heritage projects across the country. My Department is providing direct funding of €250,000 for the scheme. When combined with core funding from the Heritage Council and with private sector funding it is expected this will generate a total investment of up to €1 million.  

“Support for heritage projects has a very positive impact on local communities, where so much time and energy is given to conserving heritage projects on a voluntary basis. As well as delivering conservation benefits for heritage in the long term, this scheme will also help to support building and conservation jobs at a local level. 

“I have a huge appreciation for the value of protecting and promoting our heritage. It is expected that this scheme will fund up to 100 projects nationally, and I have no doubt that it will make a huge difference to the individual heritage projects which benefit. 

“I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Heritage Council on its upcoming 20th anniversary this year. I look forward in particular to working with the Council in the year ahead on Ireland 2016, which will include local heritage initiatives to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising.” 

Chief Executive of the Heritage Council, Michael Starrett said: 

“In the year when the Heritage Council celebrates its 20th Anniversary, the additional €250,000 in funding from Minister Humphreys will help us maintain support for a range of communities across the country. It recognises the value and significance of their work and gives us something on which to build for the future.

Here are some of the types of projects that may be considered for funding. 

*Projects that raise awareness of the heritage of your area locally and for visitors.
*Conservation Reports or Plans for buildings, graveyards or wildlife areas.
*Research on local placenames, field names, oral history and oral heritage
*Conservation specifications for the repair of structures, or buildings.
*Conservation of heritage collections and objects including documents (in particular objects or documents that relate directly to the period 1916-22 are encouraged)
*Community-based publications, websites, and interpretative material.
*Seminars and events where there is a demonstrated demand — or potential audience is identified. Events that assist people to engage and explore in new ways with local heritage using artistic and other mediums.
*Minor repairs to buildings and structures where the special heritage interest of the structure is demonstrated to be at risk and where there is a clear public benefit.

Applications must be submitted using our online application system before 5.00pm on Friday 20th March 2015. See for all the details.