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Humans have occupied Ireland for the past 10,000 years, leaving us with a rich legacy of archaeological monuments and landscapes. We work to conserve this unique archaeological heritage.

New BSc in Applied Conservation Skills Course at WIT

“Interested in up-skilling in the construction industry to take advantage of career opportunities in the care and maintenance of old buildings? WIT is launching a new BSc course in Applied Conservation. This will help participants to gain management skills to supervise construction conservation projects. The course is aimed at qualified construction trades people and other operatives in building conservation.

The Heritage Council welcomes this course, which includes training in the principles of conservation. If your organisation is running a similar course, even if it is not accredited, please get in touch to let us know.”

The BSc in Applied Conservation Skills is designed to equip students with the skills required to function in a supervisory capacity on building conservation projects. 

The general aim of the degree is to enable graduates understand the principles of conservation and to apply them in a practical manner. Students will manage change in protected structures in a way that retains character and qualities of special interest and demonstrate knowledge in research of historical building development. They will learn to recognise materials, craftsmanship and techniques of previous generations and treat them according to conservation principles.