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Humans have occupied Ireland for the past 10,000 years, leaving us with a rich legacy of archaeological monuments and landscapes. We work to conserve this unique archaeological heritage.

Previously Grant-Aided Projects

The Heritage Council supports projects through grant-aid to carry out important activities to preserve, enhance and educate about our national heritage. In this section you will find information on a selection of projects which we have supported.

Digging the Monto: The 1913 Lockout
The aim of this project was to engage local communities in Dublin in investigating the physical and historical remains associated with the 1913 Lockout. The project included archaeological investigations, public talks, walking tours and an exhibition.

Underwater Archaeological Investigation: Newtown Jerpoint, Co. Kilkenny
This investigation was undertaken on the bed of the River Nore and its tributary - the Little Arrigle River at the nationally-important, deserted medieval settlement of Newtown Jerpoint in Co. Kilkenny.

Archaeological Dig at the 'Robing Room', Heritage Council HQ

Kilkenny Archaeology Ltd carried out a Heritage Council grant-aided archaeological dig at the Bishop’s Robing Room at Heritage Council HQ, Kilkenny during the Summer of 2012. Preliminary findings hint at a large comb-making workshop in the area pointing to support by a local population.

Landscapes of Desire: Parks, Colonialism & Identity in Victorian & Edwardian Ireland

A research project by Dr Joanna BrÁ¼ck & Andrew Tierney, UCD School of Archaeology undertaken in 2009/ 2010. This research project provides an assessment of the scale and character of Victorian and Edwardian public parks in Dublin and Belfast.