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Our architectural heritage is one of the most tangible aspects of our heritage. By conserving our historic buildings we help to preserve them for future generations to enjoy as part of their heritage, just as we do now.

Traditional Building Craft Skills


Following the holding of a colloquium of interested parties in July 2012, the Heritage Council intends to host a register of training initiatives in Traditional Building Craft Skills on its website.

The register will contain two categories:

  • Accredited training which provides recognised certificates of competency to course-finishers;

  • Training that consists of education, awareness-raising and familiarisation of participants with techniques and materials, and informal handing-on of skills - as occurs in vernacular traditions.

The Heritage Council has carried out some initial research in this area, but is interested in hearing from those who organise activities in these areas.

For more information, please contact the Architecture Officer, Colm Murray at