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All heritage is local, particularly natural heritage, and local communities are the ultimate custodians of that heritage. The survival of our heritage often depends on action at the local level.

County Heritage Officer Network

The work of the Heritage Council reaches into the heart of communities throughout Ireland through its network of 28 County Heritage Officers, who are employed by the Local Authorities. County Heritage Officers provide a structured and co-ordinated approach to managing and promoting local heritage and have played an important role in Local Authorities since 1999. Heritage Officers ensure that heritage receives due consideration at local level and provide a valuable connection for the Heritage Council to local communities. They carry out strategic, operational, promotional, co-ordination and facilitation roles in both the Local Authority and in their county at large.  

Some of the functions performed by County Heritage Officers include:

  • Drafting and implemeting County and City Heritage Plans;
  • undertaking heritage appraisals;
  • undertaking data collection;
  • community liaison;
  • public relations at local & national level;
  • public consultations on heritage matters;
  • devising & implementing strategies, policies & projects;  
  • providing advice, information & training for Local Authority staff.

The Heritage Council acknowledges the tremendous work being carried out under the stewardship of County Heritage Officers with the support of Local Authorities and local communities. Much of the work of Heritage Officers is carried out under the auspices of the County Heritage Plan and provides for local initiatives which are supportive of the aims and objectives of the Heritage Council. Heritage Officers liaise closely with Heritage Council staff and play an important part in the delivery of Heritage Council initiatives. This progressive working relationship is fostered by the Training & Development Network which brings Heritage Officers and Heritage Council staff together four times a year. 

Many County Heritage Plan projects are undertaken nationally when they are seen to provide an excellent output at county level, such as the publication entitled,Guidance for the Care, Conservation & Recording of Historic Graveyards [PDF 7.3MB]. This publication originated as a Heritage Plan Project under the Co. Waterford Heritage Plan, and was later developed into a National Guidance Document.

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