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All heritage is local, particularly natural heritage, and local communities are the ultimate custodians of that heritage. The survival of our heritage often depends on action at the local level.

Lismore and Buncrana Wins Heritage Awards at The Tidy Towns 2014

Lismore Tidy Towns Cttee with Stone Depots Information Panel with Bernadette Guest, Heritage Officer for Waterford.

The Heritage Award of the Tidy Towns Competition is sponsored by the Heritage Council. It seeks to promote a greater awareness of the value of our heritage to our quality of life and to sustainable economic development.

With that in mind, The Heritage Council seeks to recognise projects that benefit heritage, involve the community and motivate people.

This years the Heritage Award was presented to Lismore Tidy Towns and Buncrana Tidy Towns. 

Lismore Tidy Towns Committee for Stone Depots and milestones. 

In 2007 Lismore Tidy Towns decided that something had to be done to preserve this unique feature of County Waterford’s built heritage, the ‘stone depots’ in the Lismore area. 

The ‘stone depots’ are a prominent feature of the county, landscape and found along national primary and secondary roads. These stone depots date from the 19th century when the county’s main road building programme was carried out and used mainly for storage of stone. Many of the stone depots in the Lismore area incorporate cast iron milestone. As their name suggest, milestone are markers that indicate the distance in miles between towns and cities.  After many years of community work from the Lismore Tidy town and the Comeragh Community Development group these stone depots and milestones are restored and are protected Heritage structures. 

The Heritage Council is delighted to recognise the enormous voluntary work involved in maintaining this part of our heritage for the future. These ‘stone depots’ can be seen and enjoyed by everyone using these roads. Many no doubt will wonder over their story and purpose. 

Buncrana Tidy Towns for the Buncrana Heritage Trail 

This project includes seven interpretation boards and ten commemorative plaques, which run in a loop around the town centre of Buncrana. The aim of this project is to inform visitors and locals alike of historial and social points of interest within the town and environs. The trial includes structures dating back to the O’Doherty era (1500s) up until the present day. 

The project was a joint venture by Buncrana Town Council and West Inishowen History and Heritage Society part-funded through Inishowen Development Partnership through LEADER. The route is supported by a full-colour leaflet which includes a map and snippets of information about point of interest. Signposts mark the route throughout. This project has been well co-ordinated with other initiatives in the town through close co-operation with Buncrana Town Council, Inishowen Tourism, Tidy Towns and other initiative. 

This is a great example of a well thought out and planned signage project that really adds to the understanding of the history and story of Buncrana for the visitor. A wide number of people gave their time generously to the project and it is a project that enhances the town for everyone. The Heritage Council is delighted to recognise all those involved.