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Education is at the heart of The Heritage Councils work programme.  With knowledge comes a greater sense of responsibility and appreciation of the value of Heritage as it contributes to our quality of life.

Heritage in Schools Scheme

The Heritage in Schools scheme  is unique in Ireland and provides a panel of over 165 diverse Heritage Specialists who work directly with children in primary schools throughout the country, at the request of the school. The visit by the Heritage Specialist is part-funded by the school and the remaining costs are funded by the Heritage Council. In 2014, the Heritage in Schools Scheme facilitated 2,001 school visits reaching 96,644 children nationally.

The value of the Heritage in Schools scheme is in the richness and depth of knowledge it makes available to children and teachers. The primary aim of the scheme is to encourage awareness of the genius of the natural and cultural world that surrounds us in our daily lives and engage children in a direct experience of their heritage, preferably outside the classroom where possible and appropriate. The scheme supports the stated aims and objectives of the SESE curriculum and provides an additional educational tool and resource for teachers.

Watch our videos which will give you an idea of what's in store for your visit. 

Visit the Heritage in Schools website at for information on the initiative or to locate a heritage specialist through location or area of interest.