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Education is at the heart of The Heritage Councils work programme.  With knowledge comes a greater sense of responsibility and appreciation of the value of Heritage as it contributes to our quality of life.

Aungier Street: Building in Context Toolkit

The Building in Context Toolkit is based on a scheme sucessfully developed by English Heritage which aims to highlight the importance of thorough site assessment and character appraisal of historic environments due for development. The project was implemented as part of a Public Realm Strategy in relation to the Aungier Street area of Dublin by Dublin City Council and Dublin Civic Trust in 2012.

The scheme has the following guiding principles:

  • the historic environment is a shared resource;
  • participation of all stakeholders in necessary to sustain the historic environment;
  • understanding the significance of the place is key;
  • significant places should be managed to sustain their values;
  • decisions need to be reasonable, transparent and consistent.

The aim of the project was to give the public a greater understanding of the underlying archaeological and architectural heritage of the area and to link this heritage to the local community through education and outreach. The project included the production of both a book and an exhibition which highlighted the rich history of the area. Historic walking-tours of the street were also provided throughout National Heritage Week in August 2012 and during the design festival - Pivot Dublin in November 2012.

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The History of Aungier Street

The Aungier Estate was the first planned suburban development in Dublin undertaken between 1660-1685. Four C17th houses (registered historic monuments) currently survive in Aungier Street and recent research indicates that there are other survivors of similar date in the street. This collection of pre-1700 buildings is unique in a Dublin context and we want to raise public awareness about the significance of the street to owners and occupiers, to local residents and to the wider community. Prior to its C17th history the area was originally part of the medieval Whitefriars estate adjacent to Dublin Castle and the area has a rich archaeological history that is also of great importance and needs to be told.

For more on the history of Aungier street, visit:

This project received grant-aid of €2,500 under the Heritage Education, Community and Outreach Scheme 2012.