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Bridges of the Mountain River, Co. Carlow

Rising in Mount Leinster, the Killedmond and Aughnabrisky Rivers meet the Corries and Dinin Rivers at Borris House Demesne, Co. Carlow, forming the Mountain River. The river continues on to meet the dominating Barrow River further westwards. This project involved the photographic and architectural recoding of 37 bridges along this route, along with the varied histories associated with them - which were collected from the local communities. The rivers and their bridges supported the industries that developed around them, at some locations the rivers were used to supply power for woolen and corn mills, to generate electricity prior to rural electrification and as locations for washing sheeps’ wool.

The earliest of the bridges date from the 18th century and were generally constructed using locally-sourced stone and lime, these bridges have a true ‘arched’ style. The structures built in the 20th century differ greatly in composition and style. These bridges are mostly of ‘trabeated’ form, involving the spanning of the river by a series of beams made from steel, which were generally imported.

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The project received €3,000 in grant-aid under the Heritage Education, Community & Outreach Scheme in 2012.