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Education is at the heart of The Heritage Councils work programme.  With knowledge comes a greater sense of responsibility and appreciation of the value of Heritage as it contributes to our quality of life.

Digging the Monto: The Landscape & Communities of the 1913 Lockout

This project investigated the urban landscape relating to the 1913 Dublin Lockout from an archaeological perspective. In contrast to mainstream archaeological approaches, involving a small number of experts, the project was conducted in close collaboration with members of the communities in which the investigations took place. The project concentrated on an investigation of daily life in Dublin’s north inner city with particular focus on the capital’s infamous tenements of the so called 'Monto' area. The Heritage Council grant-aided the project to the value of €5,000 under the Heritage Education, Community & Outreach Grants Scheme 2012.

The central aim of the project was to engage local communities in Dublin in investigating the physical and historical remains associated with the 1913 Lockout that can be found in their local area. This was done with a view to preparing a lasting record of this heritage in the run-up to the centenary of the Dublin Lockout in 2013.

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The project involved the following aspects:

  • The grant-recipient worked in close collaboration with the 1913 Committee and other local groups, encouraging members of local Dublin communities to investigate the heritage of the 1913 Lockout;
  • Local communities carried out investigations of key locations associated with the Lockout and/or daily life in 1913 Dublin;
  • The grant recipient organised seminars, public talks and walking tours relating to the heritage of the 1913 Lockout;
  • An exhibition of documentary, photographic, oral history and archaeological evidence of the 1913 Lockout was held for a two-week period in the LAB, Foley Street.

This project received grant-aid of €5,000 under the Heritage Education, Community and Outreach Scheme 2012.