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Education is at the heart of The Heritage Councils work programme.  With knowledge comes a greater sense of responsibility and appreciation of the value of Heritage as it contributes to our quality of life.

Eco-Beo: A Place-based Learning Model

The Heritage Council provides annual funding to Burren Beo Trust who run a number of innovative education initiatives in the Burren region, Co. Clare. The objective of one of these initiatives, Eco-Beo, is to contribute to an increased sense of awareness, informed pride and responsibility for this place - the Burren - amongst its future custodians. Eco-Beo is a wonderful investment in both the students and also in the Burren itself, as these young experts will be the future guardians of this outstanding National resource.

Eco-Beo was initiated in 2003 and has taken place every year since. The number of schools in any one year varies subject to available resources — in 2012 Kilcolgan Educate Together, Kinvara, Ennistymon, Kilnaboy and Corofin schools took part. The course is composed of ten fortnightly expert-led presentations interspersed with classroom-based revision and assignments. The course content is fully compatible with the primary school curriculum and is normally targeted at 5th and 6th class students but in smaller schools, all children are welcome to participate (target numbers are c.25 per school).

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Key aspects of the programme include:

  • A number of distinct modules form the basis of the course content: these include general heritage, geology, archaeology, history, culture, flora, fauna and conservation.
  • Modules are delivered by recognised experts in each theme through a combination of classroom and field based activities to create a fun learning experience.
  • A strong emphasis is placed on revision of content — through quizzes, e-newsletters, assignments and project work — with Burrenbeo supplying additional learning materials and supports.
  • The children also create their own projects which are a valuable learning resource in their own right, thus allowing the children to take some ownership of their place and its interpretation.
  • A field trip to the Burren and a graduation ceremony conclude the course, enabling these children to demonstrate their knowledge in the field and to their family and friends.

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