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Ireland’s inland waterways are important parts of our transport and industrial heritage. They hold aesthetic, recreational and spiritual values, as well as important habitats for many forms of wildlife.

Water Consultation Process 2001-04

The Heritage Council strongly supports the availability of a sufficient supply of good-quality surface and ground water as needed for sustainable water use; the conservation and improvement of all surfaces; coastal and ground waters, and the conservation of aquatic habitats. We also support raising awareness among water-users of how natural environments respond to the pressures from a wide range of activities, including land use.

In 2001, the Heritage Council embarked on a consultative process to advise its future policy on Water Management and on the implementation of the EU's Water Framework Directive 2000 [pdf 867kb], which aims to reverse the continuing decline in the quality of Europe's water resources. A working group of expert opinion on water quality was established in 2001 and in 2003 the Heritage Council concluded a consultative public process with the publication of Seeking Your Views On Water Quality - Report on Feedback [pdf 1.3mb] and a public seminar.