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The Viking raiders of the ninth century and the Anglo-Norman invaders of the twelfth built defensive strongholds that over the centuries came to enrich the fabric of Irish life.

IWTN Education Programme

The Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN) runs an education programme which aims to develop a more tangible and sustainable bond between people living in medieval towns and the heritage that surrounds them. The programme is aimed at communities and professionals living within the towns which are currently part of the IWTN.

The programme focuses on the following three areas:

  • Conservation;
  • Planning/ town centre economy;
  • Heritage tourism/ community group development.

It is hoped that the programme will raise awareness, not only of the intrinsic value, but of the potential economic value of the historic fabric of these towns. The programme aims to enable IWTN communities to properly care for the town's medieval remains, while sustainably monetising the tourist potential of this resource. Since the programme started in January 2011, 348 people have attended 16 separate training events. Training days and conferences which have taken place to date have covered the following topics:

  • maintaining medieval town walls;
  • heritage as an engine of economic growth for mid-sized towns;
  • festival marketing;
  • festival fundraising;
  • designing a guided tour;
  • community group development.

The IWTN Education Programme has been nominated by the Heritage Council for the Europa Nostra Awards 2013.