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The Viking raiders of the ninth century and the Anglo-Norman invaders of the twelfth built defensive strongholds that over the centuries came to enrich the fabric of Irish life.

New Ross: Town Wall Conservation

In 2012 IWTN awarded €60,000 to New Ross Town Council to ensure that urgent structural repairs were carried out on the town walls of New Ross, Co. Wexford. Few upstanding sections of the once-extensive town wall now remain and what does remain is in a considerable state of disrepair. Situated overlooking the town, the Maiden Gate is perhaps the most significant section of the wall, however most of what must have been a substantial defensive gate has disappeared. Despite this, the upstanding fragments hint at the importance of this gateway, which gave entry into one of the most important trading towns in medieval Ireland. This conservation work will allow for the removal of the current steel-shoring and will ensure the survival of the structure for many years to come.

Local Authority: New Ross Town Council
Consultants: Alistair Coey Architects Ltd. & Niall Gregory Archaeological Consulting
Main Contractor: BL Fit Ltd.
Funding Body: The Heritage Council through the IWTN

This project was grant-aided under the Irish Walled Towns Network Capital Works Scheme 2012.