Welcome to HeritageMaps.ie 

HeritageMaps.ie is a web-based spatial data viewer which focuses on the built, cultural and natural heritage around Ireland and off shore. 

For optimal viewing, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Chrome currently has external issues that may affect your user experience.

HeritageMaps.ie allows you to look at a wide range of built and natural heritage data sets in map form, much of which have never been accessible to the public before. HeritageMaps.ie can be used to create customized maps, measure area and distance, identify points of interest and study local flora and fauna, as well as many other uses, both recreational and research-based. These datasets were collected by both government departments and local authorities and it is worth noting that some datasets are only available on an individual county basis. The project is co-ordinated by the Heritage Council, working with the Local Authority Heritage Officer network. It builds on the work carried out by the National Biodiversity Data Centre, and you can generate reports on natural heritage by visiting their webviewer. 

The HeritageMaps.ie viewer acts as a “one stop shop” discovery tool, as it provides access to heritage data along with contextual data from a very wide range of sources. The user can create cross-disciplinary views from hundreds of datasets - crossing over administrative boundaries, subject boundaries, and the land-sea boundary. The HeritageMaps.ie viewer offers a unique perspective, building up national coverage of heritage datasets from local authority sources as well as using existing national datasets. It uses web services to access live data where possible, thereby increasing data reliability. 

Importantly, there are datasets unique to this project such as soil susceptibility to coastal erosion, museums datasets and a range of thematic county heritage surveys, creation of which have been supported by the Heritage Council and the Heritage Officer Network. 

Any absence of information on the HeritageMaps.ie viewer does not necessarily imply a low heritage value for that area; the area or aspect may simply be unrecorded. Similarly, any absence of information for an area does not necessarily indicate that the information has not been gathered by the relevant authority; it just may not have been made available through the HeritageMaps.ie viewer to date.