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Our maritime heritage has cultural, physical and ecological dimensions. It embraces the legacies of past generations their traditions and natural features of both coastal and offshore environments.

Climate Change Review

The Heritage Council and Fáilte Ireland commissioned this review to inform policy, research and grant support. The main findings of the review show that the heritage of the coast is at particular risk, which will impact on related tourism activities too. Our inland waterways will also be affected by changes in precipitation patterns, flooding, increased water pollution, and extreme weather events.

The report examines the potential impacts, as well as indirect impacts on heritage from adaptation responses such as flood relief schemes, and renewable energy generation. Recommendations are made under the headings of policy development, research, adaptation, awareness raising, training, and resource management. The report is available in the publications section of this site.

The Heritage Council is developing its own suite of policies based on the Review which will inform its work programme in this area in the future. For further information, please contact Beatrice Kelly.

Download Climate Change Review Report [PDF 6MB]