Marine Content

Our maritime heritage has cultural, physical and ecological dimensions. It embraces the legacies of past generations their traditions and natural features of both coastal and offshore environments.

Maritime Heritage - Leaflet Series

The Heritage Council has commissioned and published seven leaflets on little known aspects of Ireland’s maritime heritage. These range from land-based cultural heritage such as the Hook Peninsula to the lesser known inhabitants of the sea such as sharks and jellyfish.

The leaflets can be downloaded by clicking on the individual title links below:

Ireland’s Coastline Seaweed [PDF 3.6 MB]
Ireland’s Sharks, and Rays [PDF 3MB]
Jellyfish in Our Coastal Seas [PDF 756K]
Ireland’s Coastal Heritage [PDF 1.4MB]
Ireland’s Coastal Geology [PDF 1.7MB]
The Hook Peninsula [PDF 1.1MB]
Ireland’s Maritime Archaeology [PDF 1.1MB]