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Our maritime heritage has cultural, physical and ecological dimensions. It embraces the legacies of past generations their traditions and natural features of both coastal and offshore environments.

Traditional Boats of Ireland: Digitisation Project

An important part of our national heritatge, this unique project uses 3D laser-scanning technology to record full-size and scale-models of surviving traditional Irish boats from around the country. Standardised linesplan drawings, photographs and technical details of each boat recorded are then made available on the virtual Maritime Museum at

The technical methodology was developed in collaboration with several experts from the fields of archaeology, boat-building, naval architecture and conservation. The technology allows the user to rotate the object at will and to illuminate it from any angle, picking out features previously hidden.

The drawings will help boat-builders and individuals in building replica boats and the published information may be used by communities, event organisers, students, researchers and others in a variety of ways. Importantly, the methodology is applicable to any significant three dimensional object, from Viking hair combs to High Crosses, the list is limited only by imagination.

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This project received €5,000 in grant-aid under the Heritage Management Scheme in 2012.