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Collections of diverse objects such as books, coins, vintage cars, boats and farm machinery provide a link with our past. The preservation of such collections is an important part our Museums and Archive work.

Ireland’s Industrial and Design Heritage is the Theme for National Heritage Week 2015

Ê»From mill to forge, from mind to hand — discovering Irelandʼs industrial pastʼ

National Heritage Week is a part of European Heritage Days which is celebrated in over 40 countries across Europe. In 2015 23 countries have agreed to come together to share a common theme to help raise the profile and awareness of the value of industrial and design heritage to people across Europe. Our shared industrial past is a story of change, development and creativity and of the men and women who were a part of that story whether as mill worker, a dock worker or the proud owner of a motor car. Industrial heritage engages all of us and has left a legacy in the buildings, records and memories of people across Ireland, a legacy that paved the way for how we live today.

This Heritage Week we want to celebrate, share and enjoy aspects of this story. So get the creative caps on and identify some aspect of Ireland’s industrial heritage you feel merits being shared during National Heritage Week 2015.