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Collections of diverse objects such as books, coins, vintage cars, boats and farm machinery provide a link with our past. The preservation of such collections is an important part our Museums and Archive work.

Our Role

'Andromeda' by Pietro Magni at Farmleigh Museum, participant in the MSPI.

The Heritage Council aims to strengthen provisions for the material heritage through the development of strategies supporting museum, conservation and archive development. Additionally it aims to promote the collection, preservation, management, interpretation, presentation, and the development of Ireland's cultural heritage. In this regard, it provides policy advice to Government as it relates to museums, archives and collections; manages a number of initiatives which deliver on this aim; and develops partnerships on strategically important cultural heritage initiatives.


The Heritage Council promotes a culture which safeguards irreparable material culture. Through its Museums Standards Programme for Ireland (MSPI), support for preventive conservation, and overall promotion of best practice in conservation, Council aims to encourage greater awareness and care of Ireland’s rich material heritage and its ultimate enjoyment by all.