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Have you a story to tell about the River Shannon?

What does the River Shannon mean to you? Have you a story to tell about the River Shannon?

Viva Voce, in collaboration with Limerick born playwright and actress Helena Enright, are creating and developing a new performance which will celebrate the people of Limerick’s real life associations with the River Shannon.  The play will be performed on a boat in August on the river in Limerick as part of the Limerick City of Culture 2014. 

‘I am look for all sorts of stories relating to the river Shannon. As our longest river it has a special place in the folklore and literature of the country and I am interested as to how it features in people’s lives today. I am sure there are lots of fascinating stories about the river and I am hoping to talk to as many as possible. I have collected some stories but I know there are more out there. 

A Facebook page has been set up where people can upload pictures and comments about the River Shannon. We are also running a competition where people can send in their photos of the River Shannon and we will choose one to be the cover photo for the page each week. There is also a Twitter page @rivershannonpro and we are encouraging people all over the world to leave a tweet describing the river in 140 characters or less. You can also follow our board on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/Hels75/the-river-shannon-project/

The River Shannon Project began as part of the Elemental Arts and Culture Festival in Limerick in 2012 and for the 2013 festival Helena created an audio walk along the banks of the river.  

Dr Helena Enright, from Limerick, is an experienced researcher and freelance theatre practitioner whose has been working in the arts for over twenty years.  She has worked as an actress and producer in both theatre and film, and also as a teacher and facilitator on many outreach, community, school and university theatre projects in both Ireland and the UK.   She is also an award winning playwright and director whose plays include Less Than a Year (2006), Walking Away (2007), Under Pressure (2008), Aquéro (2010) and The Exeter Blitz Project (2012).  Four of these plays have incorporated the testimony of real people and have dealt with subjects such as domestic violence, cancer, road fatalities and war.  In 2011 she completed a PhD in Performance Practice at the University of Exeter on the staging of personal testimony. 

Viva Voce is an international company based in the UK. Founded in 2011 by Jessica Beck and Helena Enright, Viva Voce’s mission is to create theatre from the words of real people, propelled by the belief that sharing and listening to each other’s life experiences can enrich our communities, and in turn, our lives. In collaboration with other artists Viva Voce are constantly exploring ways in which we can stage testimony and push the boundaries of verbatim theatre. Viva Voce believes that through the living word, communities can be brought together.

For further details about The River Shannon Project or to set up an interview please contact Helena on 087-3975526 or via email rivershannonproject@gmail.com 

Email: rivershannonproject@gmail.com 
Twitter: @rivershannonpro  
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RiverShannonProject 
Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/Hels75/the-river-shannon-project/ 
Contact: Helena Enright, Artistic Director
Tel: +353 87 3975526