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Help Needed with the Hop To It Irish Frog Survey

Every year IPCC needs the help of people all over Ireland to take part in the National Frog Survey Ireland. Please record where frogs, spawn and tadpoles occur in the Hop to It Irish Frog Survey. 

Popping up in more and more private garden ponds as well as in their traditional habitats of streams, bogs and wetlands, frogs are in decline worldwide as natural and wild habitats are lost to drainage and development.

The Hop To It Irish Frog Survey helps the Irish Peatland Conservation Council to monitor the health of our amphibian friends. A healthy frog population actively breeding indicates clean water, good habitat and tasty foodchains.

Record your sightings on the website, or Survey Cards are also available by post (contact IPCC, Bog of Allen Nature Centre, Lullymore, Rathangan, Co. Kildare).

For all the details see www.ipcc.ie/help-ipcc/hop-to-it-national-frog-survey-irelandcard/