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Living the Wildlife Returns to RTE on March 24th

Colin Stafford-Johnson

Colin Stafford-Johnson

Emmy award winning cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson returns to RTÁ‰ for another exciting season of Living the Wildlife. Now in its seventh year, this inspiring series takes us to the four corners of Ireland as we meet a wealth of fascinating characters and film some incredible new species.

Once again, Colin takes us on an extraordinary wildlife journey of discovery that shines a light on the unique beauty of the Irish landscape as well as the diversity of the wildlife that surrounds us. 

On Inishark Island off the Connemara coast, Colin risks the wrath of dive-bombing great skuas as they protect their nest. In Wicklow, he joins a unique badger study that uses all the latest technology to uncover the secrets lives of these oft-maligned creatures. Returning to his old stomping ground in Dublin Bay he comes nose to nose with some very curious seals and films a territorial male grey seal display for the very first time. 

Once hunted to extinction, the white-tailed eagle and the red kite are now back breeding in Ireland and Colin meets up with the people who made this happen. In Kerry, he witnesses a mass exodus of natterjack toadlets and in Donegal he tracks down a new species of toad of Ireland! Finally, this stunning nature series ends with a look at how a whole host of creatures like kingfishers, pine martens, storm petrels and hen harriers all require very different techniques and approaches to capture them on film.

Ep 1 The Great Skuas of Inishshark IslandTuesday March 24th 7pm

Ep 2 The collar-wearing badgers of Co. WicklowTuesday March 31st 7pm

Ep 3 Underwater encounters with Grey and Common Seals Tuesday April 7th 7pm 

Ep 4 Raptors' return - Sea eagles and red kites Tuesday April 14th 7pm

Ep 5 Natterjack and Common toads - on the move Tuesday April 21st 7pm

Ep 6 Wildlife on camera - Right place, right time.Tuesday April 28th 7pm

Preview the episodes here See www.gmarshtv.ie/wildlife.html