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Minister Humphreys meets Cultural Heads - National Cultural Policy a Priority

Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphreys pictured with the Chairs and Directors of the National Cultural Institutions.

Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphreys met with the Chairpersons and Directors of the 11 Cultural Institutions under her aegis*.


Welcoming the Minister on behalf of all in attendance, Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of the Heritage Council and current Chair of the Council of National Cultural Institutions, emphasised the significance of the initiative to meet collectively, coming so soon after the Minister's appointment. "This is the first occasion I recall when a Minister has met with the Chairs and Directors collectively and is a recognition of the support, expertise and contribution that the Institutions can bring as the Minister leads development of Government's national Cultural Policy”, commented Starrett. 


Further discussion recognised the important role the broader arts and heritage sectors will bring to the national cultural debate. Such debate will be needed to insure social inclusion is at the centre of future policy, making it truly a policy for all the people of Ireland. 


The Government announced development of such a policy in June of this year and the Minister has committed to a wide and inclusive consultation process. Minister Humphreys acknowledged the importance of putting such a policy in place particularly during this decade of commemorations, which she said is one of her top priorities.


Chairpersons and Directors of the 11 Cultural Institutions

Cultural Institution        Chairman                          Director 

Chester Beatty       Dr. Tom Hardiman                  Fionnuala Croke

Crawford Gallery   John Bowen                          Peter Murray

Arts Council        Sheila Pratschke                         Orlaith Mc Bride 

National Museum of Ireland Dr. John O’Mahony           Raghnall Á“ Floinn

National Archives Justice Peter Charleton          Tom Quinlan

Irish Museum of Modern Art Eoin Mc Gonigal           Sarah Glennie

National Gallery            Michael  Cush                           Sean Rainbird

National Concert Hall    Gerry Kearney                          Simon Taylor 

National Library             David Harvey                          Catherine Fahy 

The Abbey Theatre         Bryan Mc Mahon                      Fiach Mac Conghail

The Heritage Council       Conor Newman                  Michael Starrett


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