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New Heritage Course by Loophead Tourism Network

Loophead Tourism network have developed A new heritage training course which begins this November facilitated by Zena Hoctor. Amongst Zena's qualifications are a Masters in Rural Development , a Diploma in Field Ecology, Diploma in Environmental Science, Diploma in Archaeology and a Certificate in Local History Studies. Zena has previous experience in the Loop Head Peninsula through the Marine Ecotourism, Irrus project.

This training course will enable participants to identify and utilise the heritage resources of their local area in the development of sustainable tourism products. The aim of this product development is to raise awareness of the unique heritage resources of the area among both locals and visitors. These products will be an add-on to our offerings here in Loop Head.

Ten initiatives will be chosen with up to two people working on each initiative up to a maximum of 20 participants.

Participants must demonstrate commitment to the initiative and follow through to complete the project.

Dates are as follows:

Registration and project selection : Tuesday 12th November: 10am-1pm

Monday 18th and 25th November: 10am-1pm

Monday 18th and 25th December: 10am-1pm

Monday 18th and 25th January: 10am-1pm

Monday 18th and 25th February: 10am-1pm

Registration fee: €20

Venue: Stella Maris Hotel

- A heritage plan will be developed by participants with the help of Zena during the project to be completed by the end of March. The aim is to present these plans to the network on completion. 

- This heritage plan will outline the interpretation of the initiative. For example, a marked heritage trail, a travelling photo exhibition, a Loop Head heritage audit, the opening of a ring fort to visitors with interpretation, a holy well trail or a Loop Head antiquities trail and so on.

Obviously some funding will be required for these and that would be the next step for participants, to work as a group to follow through to project completion.

- The course will be a series of workshops and field trips.

The proposed outline is as follows, but this will most likely change depending on the initiatives chosen.

Identification and Recognition of local Heritage Resources
Session 1: Introduction to the heritage resources of the Loop Head

Session 2: The Geology and Landscape of Loop Head

Session 3: The natural heritage and biodiversity of Loop Head

Session 4: Man and the landscape of the Loop Head

Field Trip — Reading the Landscape

Interpreting local heritage resources
Session 6: Field Trip — Review of Current heritage interpretation on Loop Head

Session 7: Producing Interpretive products. Developing heritage resources for tourism/educational purposes.
Session 8: Identification of heritage plans/projects

Session 9: Developing local heritage resources

Promoting local heritage resourcesSession 10: Field trip 

Session 11: Marketing and Networking

Session 12: Promotion through multimedia

Note: This is not a certified course.

Ideas for initiatives, based on heritage and arts workshop Feb, 2013:

- Pilgrim way around loophead, old churches, little ark, religious artefacts 

- Marine archaeology on the coast, all buildings relating to the sea, piers 

- Shannon Estuary is the largest mouth of a river in Britain and Ireland. Military history of area. This would attract Military history groups. Guarding loophead refurbish marine buildings the 3 lookout house buildings, lighthouse, the military aspects of loophead 

- Traditional music and the Irish language

- Holy wells trail: Holy wells days, dates, what the cures are, what to do there, Saint Chaoi frog story.

- Loop Head architectural history. Story of our buildings.

- Little Ark Day 

- Henry Blake Project. Add voice to dvd. Organise event around this. 

- Viking history of Loop Head 

- Woodlands and landscapes of Loop Head

- Pre-Christian history, folklore, myths, tales of Loop Head

- Flora & Fauna of Loop Head

- Graveyards with genealogy links”

John Williams, Loophead Tourism network, Kilkee, Co Clare willkee@iol.ie