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Ogham Stones in 3D

Ogham stones are among Ireland's most remarkable national treasures. These perpendicular cut stones bear inscriptions in the uniquely Irish Ogham alphabet, using a system of notches and horizontal or diagonal lines/scores to represent the sounds of an early form of the Irish language. The stones are inscribed with the names of prominent people and sometimes tribal affiliation or geographical areas. These inscriptions constitute the earliest recorded form of Irish and, as our earliest written records dating back at least as far as the 5th century AD! 

A new website containing a database of 3D images of Ogham stones from all around Ireland has recently been launched. The Ogham 3D Project, by the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (in collaboration with the Discovery Programme) has used laser scanning equipment to capture and digitise more than 50 Ogham stones across the country. The images, along with maps, background and other information about each of the stones have been placed on a free website, ogham.celt.dias.ie/menu.php