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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral launches “Tales from our Timeline” Exhibition

On Monday 20th August Saint Patrick’s Cathedral launched their “Tales from our Timeline” digital learning exhibition. This exhibition allows smart-phone users free access to a collection of online videos about the Cathedral. Access to these videos is through a series of QR Codes which can be found around the building.

Smart-phone users can download a free QR Scanner App using the Cathedral’s Wi-Fi connection. When the phone is then held up to one of these codes, the App will scan the code and take you directly to an online video with more information about the subject in question. For visitors who don’t have smart phones, the videos can be viewed on the Cathedral’s website either before or after their visit.

The aim of the new exhibition, which is part-funded by the Heritage Council of Ireland, is to increase learning within the Cathedral in a way that does not physically impact on the building which, built by the Normans in the mid-thirteenth century, is nearly 800 years old.

This new content will be live at www.stpatrickscathedral.ie/OurHistoryHome.aspx on the 20th of August.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral can be followed on Twitter @stpatrickscath and pictures, comments and feedback can be shared on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stpatrickscathedral.