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Seasons, Species & Patterns of a North East Atlantic Rocky Shore’:

Seasons, Species & Patterns of a North East Atlantic Rocky Shore’:

 By Carmel Madigan

Carmel Madigan’s book encapsulates and creates a record/snapshot of the abundance of lifeforms and ecosystems dwelling, reproducing and co-existing in the strip of the Irish coast between the shallow sub-tidal zone and the splash zone along Ross beach on the Loophead Peninsula. This book captures the life of Ross Beach in 2014 and will prove to be a useful tool for identifying changes to these ecosystems in the future.

She deals beautifully with the numerous species, giving expertly crafted descriptions, wonderful images and information accumulated over a six year period - all underpinned with a lifetime of living and loving this particular stretch of rocky shore.

The book also gives very useful, non-scientific explanations of the tidal patterns, an interesting comparison of the area’s geographic opposite on the North-West Atlantic coast, and impressive insights into such topics as beachcombing, our famine legacy and a coastline in constant flux.

This book should be an excellent companion for species identification whilst beach-rambling anywhere along Ireland’s west coast.

 An Chomhairle Oidhreachta Heritage Council

November 2014