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The Irish Forum on Natural Capital (IFNC) is launched

The Irish Forum on Natural Capital (IFNC) is launching on Monday 2nd March. Log on to the website www.naturalcapitalireland.com to register as a member and help us spread the word on social media using #makenaturecount. 

In April 2014 the Natural Capital Committee organised a highly successful conference Ireland's Hidden Wealth in the Botanic Gardens. Following this, the team began a series of meetings with key stakeholders from public, private, academic and NGO sectors. 

The objective was to bring together a Steering Committee to provide resources and overall direction to a broad multi-stakeholder Forum with the aim of valuing, protecting and restoring Ireland's natural capital and ecosystem services.

The Steering Committee has now been established, a Secretariat has been supported and, from today, the Forum is open for registration. Full details of the Steering Committee members, the Forum's structure, aims, objectives and Terms of Reference are available on the website www.naturalcapitalireland.com

Interested parties are invited to get involved by joining the mailing list or registering themselves as members on the website.

A second conference is in the pipeline to officially launch the Irish Forum on Natural Capital and engage members in the discussion on how to value, restore and protect Ireland’s natural capital and ecosystem services. This will be an action-based event rather than a listening-based event, so members should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in!

Follow on Twitter @natcap_irl, register as a member on the website and sign up for the newsletter to be kept in the loop as we finalise dates, speakers and schedules.