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The Heritage Council is committed to working with individuals, heritage groups, local and national government, and other agencies and organisations, to ensure that the management of our national heritage.

The National Planning Referral Programme

The National Planning Referral Programme aims to ensure that our national heritage, as defined by the Heritage Act 1995, is protected, preserved and enhanced by the Irish planning system. In addition, the programme seeks to provide relevant authorities with evidence-based policy advice and the necessary tools to inform planning decisions that impact on heritage assets at a strategic and local level.

Proposed Central Access Scheme, Kilkenny City

July 2008

The Heritage Council, a 'prescribed authority' under the provision of the planning and development acts 2000-2006 and the planning and development regulations 2001-2007, welcome the opportunity to formally comment on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submitted in support of the proposed Central Access Scheme (CAS) within the historic medieval city of Kilkenny.

Download the Heritage Council's Response to the Application & EIS re. Kilkenny CAS [PDF 2.6MB].


National Development Plan 2007-13: Submission to the Dept. of Finance

March 2006

In this submission, the Heritage Council stressed the need for Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) in order to facilitate sustainable development during the plan's period.

Download the Heritage Council's Submission re. the National Development Plan 2007-13 [PDF 400K].