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In line with its statutory responsibilities of "proposing policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of Irish heritage" (Heritage Act, 1995 [PDF 96KB]), the Heritage Council aims to provide commissioned reports, along with policy and advice documents for use by a wide-ranging audience. Council's publications have a wide readership which include those in Government Departments, State Agencies, Local Authorities, along with professionals, researchers, students and the wider public. A selection of publications by other relevant organisations is also provided with their permission.

The Heritage Council's ezine is published monthly and provides a critical examination of a heritage-related issue by a variety of contributors in each issue. You will also find latest updates on heritage-related news, events and opportunities.

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These reports are the work of their respective authors, while the Heritage Council seeks to ensure that all information contained in these reports is accurate, Council is not responsible or liable for the contents of reports.


Historic Landscape Characterisation in Ireland - Best Practice Guidance (2013)

Underwater Archaeological Investigation: Newtown Jerpoint

Adopt a Monument Ireland

Historic Towns Initiative (copy 1)

The Discovery Programme

Archaeological Dig at the 'Robing Room', Heritage Council HQ

INSTAR Web Archive & Grant Programme

Significant unpublished Irish archaeological excavations 1930-97 website

Brú na Bóinne Research Framework Project

Field Monument Advisor Scheme

Guidance for the Care, Conservation & Recording of Historic Graveyards (2011)

Irish Strategic Archaeological Research (INSTAR) Programme: A review of the first two years of its operation & future development (2010)

Landscapes of Desire: Parks, Colonialism & Identity in Victorian & Edwardian Ireland

Brú na Bóinne Research Framework Project (2009)

A Review of Research Needs in Irish Archaeology

Air & Earth: Aerial Archaeology in Ireland (2008)

A Review of Research Needs in Irish Archaeology (2007)

Archaeology 2020: Repositioning Irish Archaeology in the Knowledge Society (2006)

Farming & Archaeology: The Irish Historic Landscape (2006)

Ireland’s Historic Churches & Graveyards (2006)

Ireland's Maritime Archaeology (2006)

Landscape Character Assesment in Ireland: Baseline Audit & Evaluation (2006)

Medieval Walls of Kilkenny (2005)

Human Remains in Archaeology (2003)

Recording & Conserving Ireland's Industrial Heritage (2002)

Unpublished Excavations in the Republic of Ireland 1930-1997 (2002)

Archaeological Features at Risk: A Survey Measuring Recent Destruction of Ireland's Archaeological Heritage (2001)

Archaeology & Development: Guidelines for Good Practice for Developers (2000)

Review of Archaeological Assessment & Monitoring Procedures in Ireland (2000)

Archaeology & Forestry in Ireland (A Review) (1998)

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Assessment of Possible Fiscal Incentives in Relation to the Built Heritage in Ireland’ s Towns

REPS 4 Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme Projects

Thatch Cottage, Kilmuckridge, Co. Wexford

Built Heritage Conservation & Ecological Sustainable Development (2012)

Economic Value of Ireland's Historic Environment (2012)

Grant Aid for Building Conservation 'Quanta' Research (2011)

What is Curtilage?: Useful Principles for Protected Structures (2010)

Passed to the Future: The Bishop's Palace (2008)

GLAS Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme

Curtilage Study

Áras Na hOidhreachta: A New Home For The Heritage Council

Archaeological Investigations: The Robing Room, Heritage Council HQ, Kilkenny (2011)

Record of Protected Structures - Draft List (2011)

No. 14 Henrietta Street

St. George’s Church

Traditional Buildings On Irish Farms (2005)

The Care Of Stained Glass (2004)

Financial Support for Architectural Conservation in Ireland (2003)

Policies & Priorities: Building Regulations & the National Heritage (Recommendations) (1999)

Taking Stock of our Ecclesiastical Heritage (1997)

Irish Thatched Roofs: Is Their Future A Thing Of The Past?

A Wexford Farmstead: The Conservation of an 18th Century Farmstead in County Wexford

Mayglass Farmstead Project

Russborough House

A Guide to Cork City's Historical Plaques & Signs (2006)

A Guide to Historic Ironwork in Cork City (2006)

A Guide to Protected Structures in Cork City (2006)

Guidance Notes for the Appraisal of Historic Gardens, Demesnes, Estates & their Settings (2006)

Guide to Recording of Built Heritage (2006)

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Co. Louth Visitors Survey 2012 (2013)

County Heritage Officer Network

Wicklow Town — A Gallery of Shopfronts (2010)

County Wicklow Biodiversity Action Plan 2010-2015 (2010)

Cork City Biodiversity Action Plan 2009-2014 (2009)

Nature in the City: A Guide to Biodiversity in Cork City (2009)

Wildflowers of Cork City and County (2009)

Biodiversity & Development in County Kildare: Good Practice Guidelines for Developers (2009)

Biodiversity & Development in County Kildare: Good Practice Guidelines for Householders (2009)

Directory of Archaeological Sources Relating to Co. Kildare (2008)

A Geological Field Guide to Cooley, Gullion, Mourne & Slieve Croob (2008)

Ecological Survey for Moynalty, Co. Meath Local Area Plan (2008)

Ecological Survey for Slane, Co. Meath Local Area Plan (2008)

The Geological Heritage of Meath (2007)

County Wicklow in Prehistory (2007)

County Wicklow in the Early Middle Ages (2007)

County Wicklow in the Later Middle Ages (2007)

Exploring the Mining Heritage of County Wicklow (2007)

Kildare's Hedgerows: An action of the County Kildare Heritage Plan (2006)

Survey of Rare/ Threatened & Scarce Vascular Plants in County Meath (2006)

An Archaeological & Historical Assessment of Cruicetown Church & Graveyard, County Meath (2005)

Inventory of Archaeological & Architectural Sources for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (2005)

Invasive Alien Species in County Meath

Bridge Usage by Bats in County Leitrim & County Sligo (1999)

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Children and the Outdoors

Aungier Street: Building in Context Toolkit

Bridges of the Mountain River, Co. Carlow

Digging the Monto: The 1913 Lockout

The Children's Nature Club: OWLS

Charles R. Browne: The Irish Headhunter

National Heritage Week

Heritage in Schools Scheme


Fota House Digital Learning Zone

The Dublinia Heritage Course

Learning in the Outdoors: Commissioned Reports by Natural England (2011)

Children First: National Guidance for the Protection & Welfare of Children (2011)

Exploring Biodiversity: A Guide for Educators around the World (2010)

Wild Things at School: A Book for Primary School Teachers (2009)

Stepping into Kilkenny's History: A Resource for Primary Schools (2009)

Scoping Study for Development of On-Line Heritage Materials for the Primary Sector (2007)

A Policy Framework for Education, Community, Outreach (ECO) (2004)

Geographical Exploration, Investigating Ireland’s Heritage (2004)

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Solving our own problems: a weekend of generating ideas

Buttevant Town Walls Conservation Management and Interpretation Plan

Bandon Town Walls Conservation Management Plan and Interpretation Plan

Athenry Medieval Walled Towns Past and Present

Historic Towns Research

Action Plan 2014-2016

Talbots Tower

Youghal Walls Conservation

Youghal Walled Towns Day

New Ross Town Wall Conservation

Interpretation Plan Programme

GreenYourFestival (LAPN) (2012)

Draft Rinn Dúin Interpretation Plan (2012)

Rindoon, Co. Roscommon - Town Walls Conservation

Athenry, Co. Galway - Town Wall Conservation

Kilmallock Town Walls Festival 2011

Fethard Walled Town Medieval Festival 2008

IWTN Walled Towns Day Ideas, Fundraising Advice & Marketing Checklist (2012)

IWTN Education Initiative

Rindoon, Co. Roscommon: Conservation & Management Plan 2012

Three-Year Action Plan 2011-2013 plus a review of activities 2006-2010 (2011)

The Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN) Constitution (2010)

Archaeological & Environmental Heritage at Buttevant, Co. Cork (2010)

Talbot's Tower, Kilkenny: Excavations for the City Walls Archaeological Park (2010)

Fethard Historic Walls Conservation & Management Plan (2009)

Youghal Town Walls Conservation Plan (2008)

Trim Town Walls Conservation Plan (2008)

Rindoon, Co. Roscommon: A Management Plan (2008)

Conservation Plan: Town Wall & Other Defences of Drogheda (2008)

Cashel City Walls Management Plan (2008)

Athenry Town Walls Conservation Plan (2008)

New Ross Town Walls Conservation Plan (2008)

Limerick City Walls Conservation & Management Plan (2008)

Walls of Clonmel: FallaÁ Cluain Meala (2008)

Irish Walled Towns Day: Post-Event Member Reports (2006 & 2007)

Preparation of National/ All-Island Guidelines for the Sustainable Management, Protection, Conservation & Enhancement of Historic Walled Towns in Ireland (2006)

Medieval Walls of Kilkenny City (2005)

Kilkenny City Walls Conservation Plan (2003)

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Traditional Boats of Ireland

Bere Island Conservation Plan

Climate change, impacts & vulnerability in Europe (2012)

Climate Change Review

Heritage Council Maritime Heritage Leaflet Series

Heritage & Traditional Boats

Marine & Coastal Heritage


Climate Change, Heritage & Tourism: Implications for Ireland's Coast & Inland Waterways (2009)

Ireland's Sharks & Rays (2008)

Ireland's Coastline Seaweed (2008)

Ireland's Coastal Geology (2007)

Audit of Maritime Collections (2006)

The Future of Maritime & Inland Waterways Collections (2006)

Jellyfish in our Coastal Seas (2006)

Ireland's Coastal Heritage (2006)


The Hook: The Maritime Heritage of a Coastal Community (2004)

Ireland's Boating Heritage: The Future? (2004)

Review of ICZM & Principles of Best Practice (2003)

Irish Coastal Habitats: A Study of Impacts on Designated Conservation Areas (1998)

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Museum Standards Programme for Ireland- Guidelines 2014 (MSPI)

Foynes Flying Boat Museum Archive

Harp Frame

Butler Gallery Collection: Framing Conservation

Marconi Heritage Weekend

Great Line-up of Events at the National Library of Ireland in October

Butler Gallery Collection - Framing Conservation Work (2009)


Museums Standards Programme for Ireland

Conservation Internship Programme

Universal Declaration on Archives (2011)

Museum Awards Scheme

Scoping Study on the Creation of a Naval or Maritime Museum (2007)

A Survey of Irish Archive Collections (2005)

Museum Standards Programme for Ireland - Guidelines (2004)

The Museum Standards Programme for Ireland - Eligibility Criteria (2004)

Caring for Collections : A Manual for Preventive Conservation (1999)

Towards Policies for Ireland's Heritage: The Provision of Genealogical Services in Ireland (1998)

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Town Centre Health Check

Fethard Public Realm Plan

Village Design Statement Programme

National Community-Led Village Design Statement (VDS) Toolkit (2012)

Town Centre Health Check - Kilrush, Co. Clare (2012)

National Planning Referral Programme

Draft submission in response to Draft Retail Planning Guidelines (2011)

Sandymount Village Design Statement (2011)

Julianstown VDS - 'Process' Evaluation Report (2011)

LCA CPD Training Course Carbon Footprint Audit (2011)

Roscommon County Development Plan

Julianstown Village Design Statement (2010)

Village Design Statements in Ireland: Questionaire Analysis (2010)

Landscape Character Assessment: CDP Training Course

Landscape Character Assessment in Ireland: Baseline Audit & Assessment Update (2009)

Selection of Village Design Statements

Enhancing Local Distinctiveness: Village Design Statements - The Way Forward? (2009)

Enhancing Local Distinctiveness: Evaluation of Village Design Statements in Ireland (2008)

Landscape Character Assessment in Ireland: Baseline Audit & Assessment (2006)

Lucan Village Design Statement (2006)

The Role of the Heritage Council in the Planning Process (1999)


Conserving Hedgerows (2016)

Hedgerow Appraisal System and National Hedgerow Database

Bryophyte Survey of Co. Kildare

Invasive Species Control: Lough Corrib

Rare Irish Breeding Birds: Monitoring Project

Irish Farms & the Lesser Horseshoe Bat (2012)

National Biodiversity Data Centre

Wicklow Uplands Council

High Nature Value Farming

Local Biodiversity Action Plans

Woodlands of Ireland

Annagh Marsh Fox Fence Project

Bird Atlas 2007-2011: Mapping Ireland’s Birds

ISCOPE: Irish Scheme for Cetacean Observation & Public Education

Nature & Wildlife in Roscommon: Action for Biodiversity (2012)

Best Practice Guidance for Habitat Survey & Mapping (2011)

High Nature Value Farming Publications (2010/11)

Our Wetlands Heritage (2010)

Bats, Birds, Buildings & You (2009)

Working with Biodiversity - The Law & You (2009)

Ireland's Coastal Seaweed (2009)

An Investigation of the Impact of Development Projects on Bat Populations: Comparing Pre- & Post-Development Bat Faunas (2008)

Heritage Appraisal of Indicative Forest Strategies

National Bat Monitoring Pilot Programme

A Bat Survey of Bridges Identified by the All-Ireland Daubenton’s Bat Waterway Survey as Potential Bat Roosts (2008)

Bat & Bird Survey Guidelines for Traditional Farm Buildings (2008)

Our Limestone Heritage (2008)

Review of Policy on Forestry & the National Heritage (2008)

National Biodiversity Plan Submission (2008)

A Guide to Habitats in Ireland (2007)

Farmland Habitats (2007)

Conserving & Enhancing Wildlife in Towns and Villages: A Guide for Local Community Groups (2005)

National Bat Monitoring Pilot Programme (2004)

Conserving Bats: How Local Authorities Can Help (2004)

A Review of Ireland’s CAP Rural Development Plan 2000-2006: Implications for Natural Heritage (2003)

Guidelines for the Production of Local Biodiversity Action Plans (2003)

Heritage Appraisal of Indicative Forest Strategies (2002)

Conserving Hedgerows (2002)

The Impact of Agriculture Schemes & Payments on Aspects of Ireland’s Heritage (1999)

An Assessment of Farming Prescriptions under the Rural Environment Protection Scheme in the Uplands of the Burren Karstic Region, Co. Clare (1999)

The Arable Weed Flora of the Rye Crop on the Aran Islands, Co. Galway (1994)

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