Heritage Council


A Guide to Habitats in Ireland (2007)

Published by the Heritage Council, 2007 (original published in 2000). This publication sets out a standard scheme for identifying, describing and classifying wildlife habitats in Ireland. It also covers natural, semi-natural and artificial habitats of terrestrial and freshwater environments, of inshore marine waters, and of urban and rural areas.

The classification is presented within a hierarchical framework and is designed for application at a variety of different levels in terms of scale, detail and user expertise. It is intended as a first-step approach for general habitat recording rather than a basis for detailed study and evaluation. The availability and widespread use of a standard classification scheme is important in helping to standardise data collection on habitats which, in turn, will assist in the management and conservation of Ireland's natural heritage.

Please note that the 2007 reprint contains Notes to Readers - this includes additional information on the links between a number of Irish habitats and EU annexed habitats.

Download A Guide to Habitats in Ireland [PDF 5MB].