Heritage Council


Archaeological Investigations: The Robing Room, Heritage Council HQ, Kilkenny (2011)

Report cover

Prepared by Kilkenny Archaeology. An archaeological building recording and excavation project was undertaken in April-May 2011 at the Robing Room, Church Lane, Kilkenny. The Robing Room is a little-known neo-classical garden pavilion situated amongst a suite of medieval and early modern ecclesiastical buildings in the Close of Saint Canice’s Cathedral. As part of a wider conservation scheme for the Heritage Council’s headquarters, repairs to the Robing Room commenced in 2010 and will continue into 2012. Archaeologists were commissioned by the Heritage Council to study the building with a view to gaining a better understanding of its architectural history and its immediate archaeological context. The report by Kilkenny Archaeology provides a preliminary description of the investigations and their results, and will be supplemented in due course by specialist reports and further interpretation.

Download a copy of the preliminary report here [PDF 14MB].