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Archaeology 2020: Repositioning Irish Archaeology in the Knowledge Society (2006)

Published by University College Dublin. Irish archaeology has been changed fundamentally as a result of the exponential growth in development-led activity since the early 1990s. In terms of its constituent sectors, archaeology could now be regarded predominantly as a business domain which operates in a competitive economic climate and focuses on generating information. This situation is radically different from the previous dominance of employment in the State and education sectors with the clear focus on research which characterised earlier decades.

In response to these markedly changed circumstances and the consequential impact of new problems and challenges, a Foresight Study, leading to the production of this report, was initiated in 2004 by the UCD School of Archaeology, University College Dublin. In the context, this publication attempts to set out a new framework for Irish archaeology to work within.

Download Archaeology 2020 here [PDF 3MB].