Heritage Council


Geographical Exploration, Investigating Ireland’s Heritage (2004)

The Heritage Council, in cooperation with City of Dublin VEC - Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) published this workbook to support the revised Geography Leaving Certificate which was introduced to schools in September 2004. It is a comprehensive workbook that covers the broad context of the physical landscape and the impact of human activities on the physical environment and it has been very well received to date from both teachers and education inspectors.

The workbook includes 17 exemplar field studies along with sections on the place of heritage in the curriculum and the skills required in fieldwork. It adopts a step by step approach to field studies and includes a variety of resources including maps, photographs and identification sheets for use in the field. 

This publication is not available in PDF format on this website, please email eva.hornung@cdu.cdvec.ie to order a hard copy of this book.