Heritage Council


A Guide to Protected Structures in Cork City (2006)

Published by Cork City Council. Cork is a city which is steeped in history and Heritage. The built environment of Cork illustrates the special character and uniqueness of the city through its buildings and structures. In a city that is rapidly changing it is worth acknowledging and celebrating our Built Heritage while also looking to the future as the buildings we erect today will be our legacy for future generations.

This guide provides practical introduction to Protected Structures in Cork City and seeks to provide general information and advice to members of the public, building owners and occupiers. The publication also gives an insight into some of the fascinating buildings and structures. It is hoped that this booklet will clarify facts and dispel myths on what a protected designation means, how it is made and why and what assistance is available to help owners and those entrusted with the care of such structures.

Download A Guide to Protected Structures in Cork City here [PDF 236KB].