Heritage Council


High Nature Value Farming Publications (2010/11)

The Heritage Council has grant-aided the 'European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism' (EFNCP) to undertake work on high nature value (HNV) farming since 2010. EFNCP has produced three reports on how HNV farming can be better supported in three case study areas: the Aran Islands, North Connemara and the Iveragh Peninsula, these documents can be downloaded below.

View Developing a targeted-based programme for HNV farmland in the North Connemara Area (2011) [PDF 2.7MB].

View A Draft High Nature Value Programme for the Aran Islands based on the Burren Farming & Conservation Programme (2010) [PDF 4.6MB].

View High Nature Value Farmlands Case Study Report: Iveragh Peninsula, South Kerry (2010) [PDF 6.7MB].

View the summary document: Case Studies on High Nature Value Farming in Ireland North Connemara & the Aran Islands (2010) [PDF 0.9MB].