Heritage Council


Unpublished Excavations in the Republic of Ireland 1930-1997 (2002)

The Heritage Council’s  Policy Paper On Urban Archaeology & The National Heritage (1999) [PDF 1.07MB] recommended a complete review of unpublished urban excavations. In order to progress this matter the Heritage Council commissioned the Oxford Archaeological Unit to carry out a survey of all unpublished excavations in the Republic of Ireland.

The survey identified 3,168 excavations for the period between 1930 and 1997. A total of 1,353 reports were classified as unpublished (43%). Eighty-one reports were considered to be of national significance, while a further 340 reports were of regional significance and should be published in either a journal or as part of a ‘synthetic package’. Category 3 reports represent the largest class of unpublished material (431 excavations), and their potential for further publication needs careful consideration. Less significant excavations constitute a relatively small number of reports (186). The component of the backlog that can clearly be defined as suitable for publication in its own right accounts for 421 reports.

Download Unpublished Excavations in the Republic of Ireland 1930-1997 here [PDF 2.3MB].