Inland Waterways

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Ireland’s inland waterways are important parts of our transport and industrial heritage. They hold aesthetic, recreational and spiritual values, as well as important habitats for many forms of wildlife.


The Heritage Council is involved in many initiatives to protect, preserve and enhance our heritage. In this section you will find information about our initiatives related to the Inland Waterways.

Inland Waterway Corridors Studies
The Heritage Council undertook Waterway Corridor Studies on the Shannon and parts of the Grand and Royal Canalsbetween 2001 and 2006.

Advocacy - Waterways Management Agency
The Heritage Council has drawn attention, on a number of occasions, to the crucial importance of a strategic plan and a co-ordinating agency to manage the country’s waterways, particularly in relation to flood management.

Climate Change Review
The Heritage Council and Fáilte Ireland commissioned this review to better inform policy, research and grant support. The main findings of the review is that the heritage of Ireland's coast is at particular risk, and that this will impact on tourism-related activities.

Boat Wash Literature Review
The impact of boat-wash on the natural and cultural heritage of Ireland’s waterways has been identified as an important issue in the Waterway Corridor Studies carried out to date. To further investigate this, the Heritage Council commissioned a literature review on research carried out to date and current practice in relation to boat-wash (2006).


Assessment - Pilot Rural Renewal Tax Scheme for Upr Shannon
The Heritage Council’s assessment of the Upper Shannon Tax Scheme focused on the resulting impact of increased development pressures on the heritage within the River Shannon Corridor and the implications for the planning and development system within this area.

Water Consultation Process 2001-04
In response to the publication of the EU's Water Framework Directive [pdf 867kb] in 2000 the Heritage Council established a working group of expert opinion on water quality. A consultative process seeking the public's view on Ireland's water was also undertaken and in 2004, the results of this consultative process were published in report form and a seminar was held to discuss its contents.