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Ireland’s inland waterways are important parts of our transport and industrial heritage. They hold aesthetic, recreational and spiritual values, as well as important habitats for many forms of wildlife.

Lough Derg Heritage Trail Apps Apps, Brochures and DVDs just Launched

The Lough Derg Heritage Trail” is an app that gives you detailed routes around Lough Derg (on the Shannon). The app has detailed descriptions of all the points of interest along the way and an ability to listen to a guided tour and browse great photographs of the area.

The following are the links to the app for both i-phone and android phones:




There is an accompanying booklet with detailed information and a map on over 90 heritage sites around the lake as well as 3 audio DVDs.  ( Available from the Heritage Office, Galway County Council email  or


This is an initiative of the Galway, Clare and North Tipperary Heritage Officers  and The Heritage Council and is funded by the Heritage Council and the 3 local authorities.