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Ireland has a rich natural heritage – from the sandbanks of the Shannon Estuary to the fens of Monaghan… from the natterjack toad to the Atlantic salmon… from the Killarney fern to the freshwater pearl mussel.

Annagh Marsh Fox-Fence, Co. Mayo

Adult Lawping (Scotland), photo John Carey.
Lawping chicks in nest at Annagh Marsh, photo Paul Troake.

The fox fence at Annagh Marsh, Co. Mayo was supported by both the Heritage Council and Fiontar Chomhraic Teo in 2011, and it is proving to be a great success! After two blank summers for breeding waders, Annagh Marsh now has three pairs of Lapwings and a pair of Redshank breeding once again within the fenced-off area, these are the only breeding waders on the Mullet peninsula! 

With the new fence keeping predators such as foxes out, the hatching success has been 100% in 2012. In addition a pair of Mute swan and several pairs of Mallard have bred successfully which has attracted a steady stream of admirers to watch the ‘babies’!

Annagh Marsh is an open pool system within wet grasslands, situated 7km west of Belmullet on the Mullet Peninsula in north-west Mayo. BirdWatch Ireland are now hopeful for increasing populations in the years to come.

For more information visit www.birdwatchireland.ie