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Ireland has a rich natural heritage – from the sandbanks of the Shannon Estuary to the fens of Monaghan… from the natterjack toad to the Atlantic salmon… from the Killarney fern to the freshwater pearl mussel.

Heritage Appraisal of Indicative Forest Strategies

Each Local Authority in Ireland, in association with the Forest Service, is required to develop an Indicative Forest Strategy (IFS). An IFS provides a non-prescriptive policy framework for Local Authorities, and a guide for companies and individuals that wish to engage in forestry.

With government policy seeking to achieve a 17% forestry cover by 2030, the implications of this land-use change for our national heritage are significant. The Heritage Council identified forestry as one of the key sectors for policy advice and updated its Policy Paper on Forestry & the National Heritage [167KB] in 2002. The Heritage Appraisal presents these recommendations in a format that is more useful for influencing the formulation of the strategies. It provides a framework for all involved in the planning and promotion of afforestation to maximise the contribution that forestry can make to the enhancement of Ireland's national heritage.

Download Heritage Appraisal of Indicative Forest Strategies (2002) [PDF 217KB].