Wildlife Content

Ireland has a rich natural heritage – from the sandbanks of the Shannon Estuary to the fens of Monaghan… from the natterjack toad to the Atlantic salmon… from the Killarney fern to the freshwater pearl mussel.

Our Initiatives

The Heritage Council is involved in many initiatives to protect, preserve and enhance our heritage. In this section you will find information about our initiatives related to Wildlife.

Hedgerow Appraisal System and National Hedgerow Database
Woodlands of Ireland, with its partners, have developed a Hedgerow Appraisal System to facilitate the description and assessment of hedgerows in Ireland. The development of this appraisal system and database was funded by the Heritage Council Grant’s Programme.

National Biodiversity Data Centre
The National Biodiversity Data Centre was established in January 2007. The centre is an initiative of the Heritage Council and is funded by the Heritage Council and the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

High Nature Value Farming
The Heritage Council has grant-aided the 'European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism' (EFNCP) to undertake work on high nature value (HNV) farming since 2010.

Local Biodiversity Action Plans
The Heritage Council works with the Dept. of the Environment, Community & Local Government and with Local Authorities around the country, assisting in the development of these plans and providing resources for their implementation.

Heritage Appraisal of Indicative Forest Strategies
This documents provides recommendations for Local Authorities in relation to the development of Indicative Forest Strategies.

National Bat Monitoring Pilot Programme
In 2003, the Heritage Council collaborated with the Bat Conservation Trust to develop and evaluate a bat detector-based monitoring project for Ireland.