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Ireland has a rich natural heritage – from the sandbanks of the Shannon Estuary to the fens of Monaghan… from the natterjack toad to the Atlantic salmon… from the Killarney fern to the freshwater pearl mussel.

Hedgerow Appraisal System and National Hedgerow Database

Woodlands of Ireland, with its partners, have developed a Hedgerow Appraisal System to facilitate the description and assessment of hedgerows in Ireland.

The development of this appraisal system and database was funded by the Heritage Council Grant’s Programme. All of the County Hedgerow Surveys completed to date can be downloaded below as .pdf documents.

The system comprises a Standard Recording Methodology to allow for consistency of recording of all hedgerow survey data, and a Method for Data Appraisal in order to maximise the value of the data collected. Taken together these contribute to the establishment of a standard accessible National Hedgerow Database which are available at www.biodiversityireland.ie.

The Hedgerow Appraisal System- Best Practice Guidance on Hedgerow Surveying, Data Collection and Appraisal 
This publication outlines an agreed hedgerow survey methodology and data appraisal system. Future hedgerow surveys will be encouraged to adopt the survey methodology and data assessment outlined in order to produce consistent and reproducible datasets.
Download the Hedgerow Appraisal System- Best Practise Guidance on Hedgerow Surveying, Data Collation and Appraisal [pdf 4MB]

Hedgerow Survey Field Sheets
The Hedgerow Survey Field Sheets are also a template for lodging hedgerow data to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.
Download The National Hedgerow Database Template Survey Field Sheets [MS.xlsx 3MB] 
These sheets can be logged to http://www.biodiversityireland.ie/biodiversity-data/national-standards/hedgerow-appraisal-system/ 

For further information on the project contact Dr. Declan Little, Woodland of Ireland woodsofireland@iol.ie and http://www.woodlandsofireland.com/publications

County Hedgerow Surveys Completed to Date
Cavan Hedgerow Survey
Donegal Hedgerow Survey
Kerry Hedgerow Survey
Kerry-North Hedgerow Survey
Kildare Hedgerow Survey
Laois Hedgerow Survey
Leitrim Hedgerow Survey
Longford Hedgerow Survey
Mayo Hedgerow Survey
Monaghan Hedgerow Survey
Offaly Hedgerow Survey
Roscommon Hedgerow Survey
Sligo Hedgerow Survey
Westmeath Sligo Hedgerow Survey